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Portal Infranet Connectors


The Portal Infranet Connector supports the integration of the Portal Infranet Billing system with the rest of a company's OSS/BSS infrastructure in the context of processes involved in the entire customer life-cycle. This includes the functions of web-based self service, CRM, Order Management, Provisioning and Supply-Chain management. Thus the connector can be extended to allow comprehensive, business rich connectivity including the Creation of New Accounts, Orders, Account Modification, Modifying Service information, billing related events, line item adjustments, Private Branding, Sponsorship and Queries.

The Portal Infranet Connector abstracts the Infranet application to a set of generic billing business objects. It has 3 modules - Infranet Connection Module, Billing Business Objects, and the e2e Hub Interface. The Connection module uses the Infranet API and supports TCP/IP. It implements a standard error-checking interface across any call made to the Infranet system. Also, database context information is shared between calls, thus minimizing overheads.

Features and Benefits



"Create New Account information" Information seamlessly passed to Portal from any e2e Hub integrated application which has an order entry feature.

Seamless, flow-through and real-time order provisioning improves customer response time, reduces errors and provisioning costs

"Modify Account and Service Information" Account Information can be modified using 6 processes -Payment, Billing, Credit Balance, Accounting, Locale, Contacts, Modifying Service Information includes Login, Service Password, and Service Status.

By providing ready connectivity from Portal to web self-service, customer service calls can be minimized. Integration with front-facing call center applications, agents can interact using a unified desktop reducing multiple data entries and potential errors and also speeding response.

Order Information - For an account: Adding a Service, Modifying Products, Deleting a Product and Modifying Product Status.

Order Information in the provisioning process seamlessly transferred to Portal ensuring speed and reducing potential error.

Get List of Invoices, Image of Invoice, List Of Bill Items, Credit / Debit Resource Balances.For the line item of a particular invoice belonging to a selected account - Dispute a Line Item, Settle, Write Off and Adjust

Enables Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment. Eliminates costs associated with mailing and printing. Reduces contact center calls associated with bill disputes. Also call times reduced through a single, unified view of the customer.

Payment - Validate a Payment Instrument (credit card), Perform Online Billing, Perform an Online Credit Transaction, Perform an Online Debit Transaction

Flow-through credit check and online bill payment with flexible options provide customers choice and ease of use, enhancing the customer experience

3 Query types - Get Account, Product Information and Rates for a specific product. Options to push events for notification, pull information, on demand

Real-time, synchronous updates ensure comprehensive updated information at the point of interaction. Flexible options ensure that real-life requirements to optimize customer interaction processes can be maximized

Comprehensive business functionality in the connector

Rapid "time to market" for Portal integration with OSS

Other applications are integration agnostic

Ensures that other applications can be easily plugged in and out without re-writing any code making the complete solution very flexible and preserving existing customer investment

Abstracts Portal Infranet to a set of generic billing-related objects

Facilitates easy, rapid and seamless integration with the supply chain and other systems

Platform Support
Available on Windows NT 4.0 and Solaris 2.7 and 2.8. Requires 10 MB of disk space and at least 16 MB RAM. Contact US Interactive for actual configuration requirements.
Licensing and Support
License is for a single server connecting to a single Portal Infranet System. Any number of copies can be run off the server. US Interactive provides phone, e-mail and web-based Support globally. Please contact US Interactive for further details.

Product Availability
Available now.

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