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Management Profiles
Sunil Mathur

Sunil Mathur, President & CEO

Sunil Mathur is the President & CEO of U.S. Interactive. Earlier, as Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Mathur was overseeing the corporate functions of Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Immigration, Information Technology and Legal and the operations of all US Interactive offices worldwide.

Mr. Mathur has also served as U.S. Interactive Senior Vice President and General Manager Western Region, managing the e-Business consulting practice across the Northwest USA and establishing the Cupertino Solution Center.

Prior to US Interactive, Mr. Mathur was the Vice President Operations & Business Development for SoftPlus responsible for setting up project delivery teams and leading the Web Applications Division as well as Partner Alliances in key verticals.

Mr. Mathur has also led various business units in international software service organizations like the Fujitsu group of companies, directing business activities with Informix, EDS, Cisco, KPMG, Sun Microsystems etc.

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