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BEA Systems is one of the world's leading e-business infrastructure software companies. US Interactive's solutions based on BEA e-business platform are deployed at over 20 customer locations globally. US Interactive is a member BEA Star Partner program.

US Interactive's e2e Hub, built using BEA e-business infrastructure software, provides the core features to build repeatable and web-based customer management applications that connect in real-time to enterprise and partner systems. Combined with US Interactive's eViews and system-specific connectors built using e2e Hub and best-of-breed partner applications, it provides the most comprehensive, pre-integrated customer management solution for the Communications industry, based on BEA technologies.

US Interactive provides e-business services, end-to-end Business process automation services based on BEA Integration technologies; web and wireless portals for unified interactions of the Enterprise business processes, based on BEA e-business infrastructure.

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