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Commerce One

Commerce One

Commerce One® is the e-marketplace company. Through its software, services and Global Trading Web™ of interconnected business communities, Commerce One enables worldwide commerce on the Internet. Through our partnership with Commerce One, US Interactive has implemented solutions at over 15 Marketplaces worldwide for clients including, General Motors Tradexchange, Citibank, and Pantellos.

US Interactive is also the first integration partner to offer a complete billing and customer care solution to Commerce One MarketSite Operators. By leveraging USI's partnerships with industry-leading application suppliers in Billing and CRM, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution by which MarketSite Partners may integrate, monitor usage, and invoice for value-added business services. Also, the USI solution allows for MarketSite Partners to offer billing and CRM business services for Net Market Makers or suppliers who may lack this vital infrastructure.

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