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Our Operating Philosophy

Business Process Management: USI solution architecture is business process centric. Goal of our solution architecture is to address the following:

  • Process must be central to framework, not applications.
  • Information flows between different applications must, therefore, happen in the context of the business process - based on the rules and workflow defined.
  • The system must be flexible enough to incorporate changes to the integration solution due to changed business processes, in a matter of days not months
  • It should enable process analysts and not programmers to deploy the integration solution.
  • Business managers should be able to monitor business process transactions as they happen. Bottlenecks and problems can, therefore, be identified and acted upon pro-actively.
    Layered Application Connectivity: Access to applications are done via application connectors or adapters. Our connectors use a layered architecture, which abstracts and separates the middleware communications interface and applications interface. This layered architecture brings the benefit of reusing expertise and code, that results is faster and quality solution development.

Communications Middleware: USI solutions are architected to use any of the market leading middleware products.This allows flexible, quick time-to-market solutions, which leverage existing investments in middleware technologies and supports inter-operability in a heterogenous environment.

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