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screenshot: Capture CAPTURE Extranet

During the development of an Electronic Enterprise solution, US Interactive provides customized extranets that give clients the power to monitor and influence a project's scope and direction in real time. Using our proprietary CAPTURESM (Central Approval Process to Unite Resources) extranet tool as the communication center of every project, we build confidence and consensus among all stakeholders.

screenshot: Capture US Interactive developed this CAPTURE site for IMS Health to help nurture inter-organization communication and decision making worldwide. Instant access to a central knowledge base, project management tools, and approval mechanisms enhanced internal communications, streamlined complex processes, and fostered stronger relationships between project participants.

As Electronic Enterprise development progressed, CAPTURE improved the speed and accuracy of communication. IMS Health project leaders were able to immediately review creative concepts, meeting notes, status reports, and production schedules. Through CAPTURE, IMS Health was able to relay questions or concerns directly to US Interactive without delay.


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