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Wireless Carriers

Today every element of the wireless value chain is jostling for control of the customer right from carriers to content providers. An explosion in Band-width has inundated the marketplace with providers and with cheap, readily available information. The number of channels and devices has also multiplied increasing the complexity of offerings.

The "Wireless Carrier" now faces increased customer acquisition costs and decreased revenues. This is pushing traditional providers to find alternate sources of revenue and to deliver customer experience at lower cost. The increaseing complexity of customer offerings and multitude of pricing models now necessitates seamless customer management across the multiple offerings, channels and payment options. All this has to be acheived in a cost effective and efficient mannerams from sources other than voice

New Services. New Business Models.

The USI Solution for Customer Management

Our offering provides a single, unified and 360 degree view of the customer through the complete life-cycle and for all customer touchpoints - web self-service, call center agents. This assures you faster response times, lower costs and better efficiencies. The solution can be used as an opportunity to cross sell and up sell othe offerings.

We provide carrier-grade infrastructure that enables deployment of smarter mobile applications by integrating information with transactions

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Wireless Carriers

case study: VIAG Interkom

ISPs, ASPs and CLECs

case study: Asia Online

Digital Media Companies

case study: Massive Media Group

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e2e Hub

e2e hub is the infrastructure component of the US Interactive platform that provides the foundation and tools for building internet-centric customer management solutions that connect customers, the organization and its partners collaboratively, comprehensively and in real-time.
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