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Unified Views - Why US Interactive?

US Interactive is a leading provider of web and wireless portal solutions based on eBusiness integration technologies. We enable companies to automate their value network of customers, employees, and business partners by providing each of these user groups with a single, customized web interface supporting their particular needs. Using pre-built integration components and web based templates, we enable our clients to rapidly achieve these business benifits with minimal up-front investment. And our extensive experience deploying complex enterprise solutions enables us to deliver your solution on-time and on-budget. Following are some of the reasons our clients have chosen US Interactive as their technology partner:

US Interactive has performed more than 650 projects spanning a wide range of services all related to automating the customer value chain. Our experience includes Enterprise Application Integration, eCRM, Business Process Automation, Application Design and Systems Integration, as well as Internet consulting, design, and development for many of the world's leading B2C and B2B web sites.

Pre-built and layered solution for quick results
Our architects have identified challenges facing web centric applications and have created a layered solution architecture, which is standards-based and product independent. We have pre-built Shared Information Models for most customer facing business processes, and where applicable they will save development costs and time. With pre-built and layered solutions, we can reduce the cost of Mobility Portals and integration and produce quick results that will improve your profitability and increase your revenues. Our pre-built integration solutions around e2eHub enable very rapid implementation at low cost, and our layered architecture and methodology enable you to achieve these same advantages using any other middleware product of your choice. We have over 100 man years of CRM implementation and integration, 50 man years experience in web application development and over 150 man-years of experience in delivering integration solutions.

Leverage the same infrastructure for web and wireless portals
If US Interactive's e2eHub is used for the creation of user interaction flows, the same infrastructure can be leveraged for delivering applications to standard browsers as well as wireless devices. This provides cost savings in terms of development, maintenance and management; this approach also saves unnecessary duplication of infrastructure costs to support web applications and wireless applications separately.

Deliver web and wireless portals to legacy applications
US Interactive can enable you to unlock the investment in your legacy applications and reduce operational costs by delivering web and wireless views of these legacy applications.

Reduced costs of development
With our offshore development we offer even more reduced costs; and with a balanced approach of on-site and off-site teams, we can provide the optimal cost, quality and speed to suit your requirements.

Strong Partners
US Interactive has built alliances with market leaders of eBusiness infrastructure products, to provide optimal solutions.

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