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Unified View Solutions for Real-time eBusiness

US Interactive is a leading provider of web and wireless portal solutions based on eBusiness integration technologies. We enable companies to automate their value network of customers, employees, and business partners by providing each of these user groups with a single, customized web interface supporting their particular needs. These web and wireless portals tie directly into the necessary back-office systems and business processes, providing a real-time Unified View of the enterprise and the customer.

Unified View Architecture, Design, and Implementation Services:
US Interactive's approach is business-process centric, automating key user interaction processes across your enterprise. Then we create simple, powerful interfaces that bring together data and functionality from all of these back-office systems to provide a Unified View on the web or on a wireless device. Our approach provides dramatic business results quickly, through the use of pre-built integration components and web templates and a robust set of tools for rapid development.
Our business analysts would work with you to identify your business processes and workflows that span across your enterprise applications. Constituent groups of users including customers, employees, and business partners are identified and their requirements are analyzed separately. Pre-built web templates and user interaction flows are used to rapidly create the necessary web pages to support each user. These web pages enable the user to access data and perform transactions without regard to where data may actually reside in the enterprise. Our pre-built integration components handle the connectivity to the necessary back-office applications.
US Interactive has extensive experience in delivering integration solutions and Unified Views enabling the following business benefits:

  • Online bill presentment and payment
  • Online customer self-service including self-provisioning of new services
  • Immediate 24 hour access to current account status and information
  • CRM integration enabling CSRs to see and control the entire customer account from one screen
  • Dramatically reduced support costs through the elimination of redundant data entry by CSRs
  • Providing necessary access for channel partners to internal enterprise systems

    Unified View: Requirements Workshop and Analysis Services
    Our business analysts would work with you to identify the web centric application user interaction flows for the different target end user constituents like customer, partner, or enterprise employee. We would do a Unified View requirements analysis to identify the user interaction flows and the business flows; and would do an integration requirements analysis to identify business processes and application integration points. We would identify the business processes that are current and required in the future as well as the business priority and timeline.

    Functional Requirements
    The resulting functional requirements would cover the user interaction flows, the user centric view of the enterprise business processes, and the distributed business processes that span the applications and application integration points. Requirements for application connectivity also would be identified, with interfaces required to different enterprise and other applications. Non-functional requirements such as scalability, performance, and availability also would be identified. An HTML mock up of user interaction flows is often created to validate the user interaction flow requirements, with prospective end users.


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