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CRM for Real-time eBusiness

The real power of the Internet lies not in the direct selling of products but in the creation of tighter relationships with customers and the value chain, and the delivery of a higher level of service and support. Critical success factors in serving the customer include a consistent experience across all touch points, an integrated CRM solution that empowers self-sufficient customers, and an architecture that unifies all customer information in a common customer data model.

Achieving these critical success factors in a cost-effective manner requires pre-built solutions targeted at three main areas. First, there must be a common information platform with adapters to each of your enterprise applications, enabling the sharing of data and the automation of business processes spanning multiple systems. Second, there must be pre-built enhancements to your CRM application enabling it to view data from other enterprise applications, and to submit transactions which will be processed by those other applications. And finally, there should be pre-built web templates and user interaction flows which greatly speed the development of customized web pages enabling customers to perform their own convenient self-service from a web browser or wireless device.

CRM Solutions for eBusiness

US Interactive is a leading provider of end-to-end CRM solutions for real-time eBusiness based on integration technologies. Our services are designed to align your customer relationship strategies with your overall business objectives, and to help translate those strategies into optimized enterprise processes spanning sales, marketing, customer service and fulfillment functions. Using market leading CRM applications and eBusiness infrastructure platforms, US Interactive provides the rest of the solution needed to fulfill a complete CRM vision.

We have experience implementing and integrating industry leading CRM applications from Peoplesoft, Siebel and Remedy. For integration, the choice could be US Interactive's award winning e2e Hub framework or any other eBusiness integration platform including products from BEA, Tibco, Vitria, webMethods, and IBM.

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